Sixth Form Dress Code

Dress Code Year 12 & 13

The Sixth Form has a smart dress code which allows students to express their individualism whilst wearing clothing that is suitable for a traditional business or office environment ie:

A formal jacket, trousers or a skirt with a blouse or top, or a dress

A smart suit

Shoes or boots suitable for school.

The following are not acceptable at any time: 

  • jeans or denim clothing 
  • very short skirts even with thick tights. The minimum length should be mid-thigh  
  • revealing clothes more suitable for beach wear such as: strappy tops/vest tops/low cut tops/ backless tops/see through tops/short tops that reveal midriffs
  • shorts
  • piercings other than in the ears; nose studs are not to be worn
  • unnatural or unnatural combinations of hair colour or extreme hair colour
  • flip-flops or extreme forms of heels
  • hats

Our Sixth Form students are ambassadors for the school and role models for the younger years and we ask that they take this as both a responsibility and a privilege.

If we feel that a student’s dress or appearance does not follow these guidelines then we will ask them to modify their appearance or to go home to change into more appropriate clothing