Religious Studies

In our Religious Studies courses, we aim to provide students with an opportunity to understand and reflect on both religious and secular beliefs and values that people hold in the world today. We explore why people follow a Religious faith and we consider the big issues such as the existence of God, and why is there suffering in the world. On completion of our Religious Studies programme students will have developed a good level of understanding of religious beliefs and why people hold them, as well as the logical and critical skills to assess and evaluate belief and value claims and their significance in people's live today.

 The rooms, resources and facilities of the department are available every lunchtime to accommodate our mentoring programme and other student-led activities. 

All students study Religious Studies in Years 7-10 and all students take the GCSE course in Religious Studies at the end of Year 10, focusing on Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Global issues. At advanced level we teach OCR Religious Studies (Philosophy of Religion and Ethics) .

 Religious Studies offers a creative and informative way for students to understand and evaluate complex ideas in a wide range of areas concerning belief in God, the nature of God, lifestyle choices and ethics. The creative and critical thinking skills developed in Religious Studies are very helpful for future studies and careers, particularly in law and medicine.