ICT is deeply embedded in the curriculum and the students and staff here have excellent ICT capabilities. These are used throughout the school to enhance the learning that takes place.

The aim of the department is to provide the students with the necessary skills and facilities they need to benefit fully from the curriculum they choose to study. We wish to create life-long learners, so our students leave the school with the ability to use ICT fully to their advantage in further/higher education or in the work place.

Our objectives are to ensure that through the ICT curriculum and ICT Across the Curriculum (ICTAC) all students will develop the ability to:

  • Access a wide range of up-to-date online learning materials and activities.
  • Demonstrate efficiency in analyzing tasks and identifying information required to complete the tasks successfully.
  • Use information sources effectively to retrieve desired information.
  • Use ICT skills to produce answers and solutions to the highest standard.
  • Be able to share and present information.
  • Communicate using appropriate ICT based systems .
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their own and others uses of information sources and ICT skills and make justified suggestions for improvement.
  • Reflect critically on the social, moral, economical and ethical impact that ICT has on their lives

We have impressive ICT facilities for a school this size and are constantly looking for more ways to improve. The school has three lesson sized ICT suites which are equipped with peripherals such as scanners, colour and black and white laser printers and digital cameras. There are several i-Pad and  laptop trollies that can be booked and used in any lesson and Science, Technology, Music and the Library have their own small clusters of computers for use within lessons. The Sixth form resources centre has 35 PCs available.

ICT is delivered as a discrete subject in years 7-9 and the KS4 and KS5 ICT curriculum is delivered to the students cross-curricular. The students develop excellent ICT capability here and use their skills in many aspects of their education.

Personalised learning is something we fully support so all students have access to an online learning space that allows them to send/receive files, access information and communicate with teachers.

The department offers two successful extra-curricular clubs that run on a termly basis. Podcasting is available for all year groups but is particularly enjoyed by students in the lower school. In Podcasting the students work as a production team using digital audio equipment to record and edit their own broadcasts. The objective is to produce a weekly broadcast that the other students can download in MP3 format and listen to.  We also run a termly workshop on building and repairing PCs called Build A Computer.  The objective here is to increase the students' interest in computing and technology and possibly open up some career opportunities for students.  The attendees will strip and rebuild a computer system as well as learn about the function and performance of all the components