Chemistry as a science developed from alchemy. Alchemy had two goals: to create the elixir of life and to convert ordinary metals into gold.

Today chemists use science to develop medicines that extend life and convert simple chemicals into a whole range of new materials. Chemistry helps us to understand the world around us; how it works and what everything is made of.

At CCHS all students study Chemistry as a separate subject in Years 7-9. In Years 10 and 11 most students opt to study all 3 sciences to GCSE. In the sixth form Chemistry is a popular option being chosen by around 60 students each year. Our aim is to make Chemistry stimulating and interesting and to show links with everyday life wherever possible. We include practical work when possible to enhance learning and aim to make Chemistry as accessible as possible to all students wherever their strengths lie. At each stage we aim to build the best possible foundation for future learning.

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