The September Guarantee

The September Guarantee is a guarantee of an offer, made by the end of September, of an appropriate place in post-16 education or training for every young person completing compulsory education. 

Ensuring that every young person has an offer of a place to progress onto is particularly important as it helps young people make a seamless transition into post16 learning or employment with training.  

The September Guarantee is supported by good quality information, advice and guidance. This can come from a number of sources which include:  Teachers, Parents and family friends, Careers Coordinators and Guidance Advisers, On-line and printed information about courses, progression routes and employment routes 

What does the Guarantee offer? 

The September Guarantee is an offer of a place in one of the following: 

• A school sixth form  

• A college of further education 

• Employment with training to at least level 2

• An apprenticeship  

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