Useful Websites

Useful Websites for Career Planning

Career exploration

Website:  Details: NCS - Telephone: 0800 100 900 Details: Career guidance website and help line 

Website: Details:  Help with post 16 career options and access to a free skills check

Website: Details: Access to a free skills check


Pathway to university

Website: Details: UCAS - Organisation responsible for managing applications to Higher Education courses 

Website: Details: overview of graduate opportunities

Website: Details: Informed Choices booklet helps identify the A-level subjects and BTEC L3 courses required for degree entry at top-rated universities in the UK

Website: Details: Teaching Excellence Framework provides information on teaching provision and student outcomes at Higher Education Institutions in the UK

Website: Details: Research Excellence Framework results presented by The Guardian. REF assesses the quality of research in UK higher education institutions.

Website: Details: guide to the top-rated degrees in the UK

Website: Details: world ranking of universities

Website: A comprehensive university comparison site, offering students resources, tools, student discounts and university stats and rankings. 

Website:  A course search which allows you to see all of the different courses available and make direct comparisons


Pathway to study abroad opportunities

Website:   Details: Fulbright Commission - studying in the USA

Website:   Details: A Star Future - study opportunities outside of the UK


Pathway to apprenticeships and job opportunities

Website:  Details: Jobs, training and college options for those that may not go to university 

Website:  Details of local and national apprenticeships

Website:   Details: Keep up with current and future skills trends across Essex 

Website:   Details: Help, support and opportunities for young people finding their first job

Website:   Details: The job search website for Jobcentre Plus


Pathway to Gap Year opportunities

Website:  Details: useful government information for travelling outside of the UK

Website:  Details: Kaya Responsible Travel - a range of sustainable volunteer and internship placements in Africa, Asia and Latin America 

Website:   Details: Projects Abroad- placements in 28 different countries ranging from volunteering with children, conservation work and internships

Website:  Details: Rayleigh International- they use young volunteers for projects that have a positive impact locally and globally

Website:  Details: African Experience - Conservation placements in zoos and wildlife reserves

Website:  Details: Pod Volunteer - placements with animals; building and community; conservation; childcare; education

Website:  Details: Sport Lived – placements in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa 


Pathway to clubs, societies, and volunteering

 Website:   Details: Connects 14- 25 year olds with volunteering opportunities in England 

Website:  Details: Essex Libraries Summer Reading Challenge – recruitment opens 24thMarch, 2018

Website:  Details:  Volunteering in England

Website: Community Service Volunteers

Website: Details: Volunteering in Essex

Website: Details: The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Bronze, Silver, and Gold standards