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Miss ‘Recycled’ World 2012

For the last PSHE session of 2012, the Year 10 students took part in a competition to test their creativity, flair for fashion design and team-working skills. With the title of Miss ‘Recycled’ World 2012 at stake, each tutor group was asked to design three outfits for the categories of day-wear, beach-wear and evening-wear. The only restriction was that they must not use anything other than newspaper as their material, plus copious amounts of cellotape!

The three models from each tutor group made their way carefully to the gym for the fashion parade in front of the whole year group. The imagination of their designs and attention to detail that they achieved in just 45 minutes was incredible! Flip-flops, jewellery and handbags were not forgotten! Choosing an overall winner was a very hard task and congratulations to 10SE for claiming the 2012 title!
Mrs Taylor

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