Enrichment activities outside of school

At Colchester County High School for Girls we aim to provide a challenging and stimulating education for all of our students in the Sixth Form to help them achieve their full potential. In addition to the curriculum subjects studied a wide range of extra curricular activities are also available at lunch times and after school.

Teachers will demonstrate links about their subject beyond the classroom so that students are able to follow up and develop further. As a parent you may be able to support your daughter's education by facilitating these links.

In addition there are reputable external providers of enrichment activities; day long master classes, residential weekends and summer schools that you may want to consider for your daughter.

This web page will updated regularly when details from external providers become available. Locally based activities during the school holidays for each subject will also be made available that you might want to consider taking your daughter to that will provide enrichment to her education.

External providers suitable for all students

IGGY - International Gateway for Gifted Youth

There is a new organisation run through the University of Warwick for gifted and talented students from age 13 to 19 in the UK and internationally. IGGY's aim is to help gifted and talented students realise their full potential by giving them access to high quality content work and the opportunity to work with academic staff at the university of Warwick. The work will include projects, challenges and other learning opportunities with students in the UK and abroad. It would be suitable for all of your students. For further details and how to join please see their website, applications are accepted form september 2012. There is a charge for joining IGGY. IGGY replaces the former organisations NAGTY and YG&T.

IGGY.net Website

Villiers Park- Cambridge

Villiers Park specialise in running master classes and week long residential courses for students in Years 12 and 13 only. The courses are subject specific and represent content that goes beyond the A level curriculum. They are aimed at students who are capable of achieving an A or A* grade at A level. The courses are advertised to the Sixth Form when they come available by their subject teachers. Every student who has attended one of their day or week long courses have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There is a cost for their courses and bursaries are also available to apply for.

A new batch of courses are available for year 12 students: the deadline is Friday the 23rd of November. Please see Ms Carey for an application form. Full details of each course will be on the notice board outside the sixth form common room.

Biology: Ecology and Evolution


  • To consider how organisms interact with one another and their physical environment

  • To show how research has provided new ways in understanding evolutionary relationships and in the study of population processes

  • To provide opportunities for students to develop their research and independent study skills

Psychology: Social and Forensic Psychology


  • To introduce students to Social Psychology and to understand the ways in which an individual thinks, feels and behaves in relation to their social environment

  • To introduce students to Forensic Psychology and outline some of the ways in which it can assist the practice of the criminal justice system



  • To provide experience of two Engineering disciplines

  • To introduce students to the diverse skills that underpin modern Engineering practice

  • To provide opportunities for students to develop their research and independent study skills

Students need to be studying both Maths and Physics

English Literature: Exploring Shakespeare


  • To introduce students to a representative range of Shakespearean poems and plays

  • To help students develop critical skills in approaching literature, drama and critical theory

  • To explore the historical contexts and texts that shaped Shakespeare's works

  • To complete a small scale project by the end of the week

Mathematics: Chaos or Clear Cut?


This course will allow students to consider the nature of proof and the extent to which mathematics can provide clear cut answers to nature, the universe and life!

Art and Design: Mapping the visual


  • To introduce students to a range of media, techniques and processes used in art and design

  • To understand contextual references

  • To develop creativity and independent thought

  • To learn how to compile a dynamic art and design portfolio

  • To complete a small-scale project

See their website for full details or see Miss Carey


University of East Anglia

UEA runs a range of day long and residential activities for gifted and talented students in Years 9 to 13. They include 'Discover Days' where students can find out more about university courses in that subject and experience university teaching (these are free of charge), Summer schools and specific enrichment activities. There is a charge for their courses, but free and subsidised places are also available. See their website for more details.

Social Sciences Year 12

Research skills:  Wednesday 7th November 9am - 2pm- £30 including lunch

Discover business Year 12:  Monday 12th November 10am - 12:45pm- FREE

Discover Law Year 12:  Wednesday 26th November 10M - 3:00PM- FREE

Arts and Humanities: Sixth form

Discover Philosophy Year 12/13:  Wednesday 7th November- FREE

True Lies? Creative writing Fact and Fiction Year 12: Wednesday 28th November 1 - 3pm- £5

Witch Hunts in History Year 12:  Weds 28th November 1 - 3pm

What Makes a Good Work of Art? Year 12:  Friday 7th December 9:45am - 3pm- £5


War, Sport and Music in Bosnia Year 12:  Tues 11th December 9:45 - 3pm- £30

Film adaptations Year 12:  Wednesday 12th December- £5

A Taste of Japanese Year 12:  Wednesday 12th December 1-2:30pm- £5


Blood and Blood Vessels Year 12:  Weds 12th December 1 - 3pm- £5

Story of Aspirin Year 10 & 11:  Monday 17th December 9am - 3pm

Explore medicine Year 12:  Wednesday 21st Nov, 9:30am - 4pm- £35


For full details please see their website or see Miss Carey:  outreach.materials.ox.ac.uk

Summer Schools for Year 12 students

The Sutton Trust

The Sutton Trust runs summer schools at 8 locations around the UK for Year 12 students in a wide range of subjects, applications will open in the spring term and students will be informed about when to apply. There is no cost for the summer schools. Students have attended these summer schools before and had an amazing enriching experience. For more information see their website.


Oxford University- UNIQ summer schools

Oxford University runs different summer schools in July and August for Year 12 students. Students get to experience university life, the tutorial system, have university lectures and seminars and meet students from throughout the UK. There is no cost for the summer schools. Each year we have one or two students attend. For more information see their website.



One day master classes, weekend courses and summer schools for Years 7 to 13. There is a charge for their activities, but bursaries are available. See their website for full details.


Weekend residential courses run throughout the Year, they incorporate a wide range of challenging activities that are not part of a school curriculum, include social activities in the evenings and students who have attended before would recommend them highly.

Excellence East

Excellence East offers a range of activity days for high ability learners throughout East Anglia in Years 7 to 9. Look at their website for more details. They also have good information for parents about high ability learners which all of our students are.

For year's 7 - 13

4th - 9th August 2013
GIFT has a range of courses available over the summer holiday this year. The application form with the outline of courses has been attached to this week's newsletter. This includes more indepth information about the workshops available.
GIFT, the leading European agency in the education of, and in provision for, the exceptionally able, presents courses for those who enjoy learning, argument, debate, opportunities for creativity and revelling in an academic challenge.  The quality of the course is maintained by using lecturers with over 20 years of experience and an international reputation, all of whom are (post-)graduates with qualified teacher status specifically trained to work with highly able students.
SPONSORSHIP (including assistance with travel costs) is available to those in financial hardship.  Please contact Gabbitas Tomorrow’s Achievers (Patricia Morse 0207 734 0161) or The Potential Trust (Anna Comino-James 01844 351666) for more details.
PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS                                                                                                              SS794
Wet Little Animals                                          Code Y2                 
This is a course in freshwater ecology.  What makes a stream? Come and find out how high, how long, how wide, how polluted, and how much life is present.  Closely observe objectively living organisms in their natural surroundings and begin to understand all the complex relationships at work between the life in the stream and the stream in the living environment. Wellington boots and an extra towel will be a necessity!
A History of British Protest                           Code D27                                                      
Have you ever disagreed with something so much you’d take to the streets to make your voice heard?  You’re not alone.  From Wat Tyler to the student cuts’ rallies, this project takes a look at the causes, justifications and upshots of many occasions when the British public has seen fit to rise up against its leaders and potentates.  And then there’s a chance to organize and run our very own protest at GIFT, complete with flags, banners, musical instruments, chants and above all a cause!  Peacefully, of course - we could do without the rubber bullets.
Ciphers and Secrets                                     Code M14             
From the earliest codes to the most recent learn to cipher and decipher.  Discover along the way how codes have influenced the course of history.  Read, write, and speak in code; invent your own and test them out; and have a go at some of the many codes, which have, until now, been considered ‘uncrackable’.
Physical Theatre                                            Code K9           
We’ll start by looking at different types of physical comedy/theatre including mime and mask work.  Then we’ll concentrate on developing and manipulating physical characters as well as prop work and improvisation before progressing on to slapstick techniques.  The day will end with the creation of a slapstick-based piece of physical theatre.
A Pack of Lies                                               Code K27                                 
Lies can be audacious, blatant, barefaced, blazing, dirty, downright, plump, round, walloping, white, out-and-out, deliberate, shameful, thumping, flat out, infamous or whacking - to name just a few!  But what’s exactly wrong with lying? The ninth commandment seems to be rather a dead duck in real life.  Philosophers, psychologists, sociologists and zoologists claim that we (including other animals) are all natural-born liars, but at the same time we need and worship the truth in fiction from novels (Pinocchio) to TV series (Lie to Me).  So, when, where, why and how do we lie or rather…tell the truth?  How many different kinds of lie and truth are there?  Let’s examine (truthfully) this complicated affair…
Labyrinths                                                      Code F13  
For millennia people have been fascinated by the idea of a construction in a complicated and bewildering corridor system in which everyone gets hopelessly lost.  We’ll look closer at different types of labyrinth, their function, fascination, fabrication and manifestations.  What secrets do they hide and are you ready to discover them?  Stand by for a very practical a-maze-ing day!
Bubbles                                                           Code T27   
Bubbles are fun and have an amazing science behind them, from blowing, balancing and bursting bubbles to some heavy ideas that relate to life this day will explore a topic that is both simple and complex at the same time.
So what makes a bubble bubble? Are all bubbles spherical or can they be square, or made into shapes that can be used for building impossible objects?  Giant bubbles, small bubbles and bubbles with insides as well as outsides. The nature and science of bubbles and surfaces will be revealed. A very practical, scientific, bubbly day. 
Symmetry, Proportion and Beauty               Code U27   
For Vitruvius, Proportion was a measure of harmony. For mathematicians symmetry is a characteristic of both objects and space.  Art and Choreography use symmetry as a technique for composition.  We shall investigate the meaning of proportion, measure, symmetry and beauty and encounter questions like ‘Why is symmetry so beautiful?’  On the other hand perhaps you think that symmetry can jar?  Beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder.  Stand by for a project that’s very hands-on and very different!
Behind The Headline                                     Code M27                                                     
Ever wondered why the newspapers all have different stories on the front page?  Or, if they have the same story, how they all treat it differently?  In this course, we’ll examine how different newspapers have responded to the previous day’s events and develop an understanding of the readership each newspaper is trying to sell itself to. We’ll end up constructing our own newspapers, each of which presents a selection of the same (fictional) events in its own way.  Let there be subjectivity!
Fair Maids and Foul Fiends                          Code N2                  
Experience the tension and trauma of the Victorians’ favourite theatre.  You will be cunning villains, silly sidekicks, heroes and heroines.  We’ll meet the characters, write the lines, and act out the scenes with heavy sighs, tearful farewells, and swashbuckling bellows.  Spend a day immersed in the wonderful spectacle of Victorian melodrama, a form of theatre that is closely linked with pantomime and twice as much fun!  We’ll make a (melo)drama out of a crisis!
I sing, therefore I am                                     Code Q20  
Music and art go beyond ordinary language-based communication. They can reflect differently on being human by leaving the limited room that language gives us to express who we are. Singing about who we are makes it a personal experience and shows the individual aspect of our ideas about identity; listening to a song opens new channels for receiving ideas and can even change these ideas and turn them into something new. (Remember Peter Sellers just reading out the lyrics of A Hard Day’s Night?).  This project includes elements of practical musical work so please bring your instruments or voice.
Beau Geste                                                     Code P22           
In the middle of the Sahara a fort is discovered where everyone is dead.  There has been no invasion.  The commanding officer is dead, murdered by a soldier from his own ranks who has since disappeared.  A note is found in the hand of the officer confessing to the theft of the fabulous ‘Blue Water’ diamond.  We will look at the journals and letters that were and might have been written by the characters and discover the solution to the mystery.  Maybe this mainly creative writing project is about what letters don’t say


If you have any queries please contact the school and speak to the Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented-

Mrs S Piggott - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.