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CCHSG was delighted that inspirational speaker Steve Brown was able to join us to present awards at our Sixth Form Celebration Evening on 12 January.    Steve is a British Wheelchair Rugby athlete and former Captain of the Great Britain National Wheelchair Rugby Team.  He led the GB team in Wheelchair Rugby at the 2012 Summer Paralympics.

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Friday, 13 January 2017 10:01

GCSE Grade Changes

GCSE grades are changing

GCSEs in England are being reformed and will be graded with a new scale from 9 to 1, with 9 being the highest grade. English Literature, English Language and Maths will be the first subjects to be graded in this way from August 2017 (Current Year 11).  The subjects with the highest numbers of candidates (Art & Design, Geography, History, French, German, Latin, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education) will follow in August 2018 (Current Year 10) and most others in 2019. This is happening as GCSEs are being reformed to make them more challenging, to keep pace with the demands of universities and employers.

In the first year each new GCSE subject is introduced, students who would have got a Grade C or better will get a grade 4 or better. Students who would have got a Grade A or better will get a 7 or better in the first year. Grade 9 will be more difficult to achieve than a Grade A*. The extra top grade will also make it easier for employers and universities to distinguish between the most able students.

To see how the numbered grades compare to the current A* to G system, click here or Google "Ofqual 9 to 1 postcard". 

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Thursday, 12 January 2017 14:59

Severe Weather Advice

In the event of severe weather either a school closure or a late start may be implemented.

School Closure

In the event of bad weather the school may, very occasionally, need to be closed but we will do our utmost to remain open. The decision to close is not taken lightly and is only made after full consideration of the safety of the site (including heating, pathways and the access road). Please note that site staff start to clear snow at 04.00 but it is not always possible to make a decision about school closure and site safety until around 06.30. Should the decision be made to have a later start or close the school in the event of bad weather, the mechanism of informing you about the arrangements is shown below.

a) Parents and staff will be informed by text message to the primary contact of a late start or closure.  For the system to work, please do ensure that our records are kept up to date with any changes to contact telephone numbers.

b) A message will be placed on the home page of the school’s website:

c) School closure lists will be available on the Essex County Council website and you are advised to use the link below.

There is often a ‘time-lag’ between making the decision to close and appearance on any website. This is because of the high volume of people trying to access the systems.

Late Start

In the event of a late start being declared, school will open at 10.00 and lessons commence at 10.30. Students travelling a distance can arrive earlier and they will be supervised but lessons will not commence until 10.30, as we await the arrival of the many staff that travel a long distance. We ask local students to arrive at the later time where possible.

Local staff are always on the premises even if the school is closed or will open later, so students who arrive early, or arrive to find the school has been closed, should not be worried, and will be supervised.

Students attending school in extreme weather conditions should wear appropriate outdoor clothing, including footwear, and bring a change of shoes to wear inside the school buildings.

The situation can sometimes change suddenly and we may have to make decisions about arrangements at short notice, therefore we may need to communicate with parents via the system outlined above during the school day.  Contract bus operators may decide to run their afternoon services early, giving us such little notice that neither we, nor the students, can let parents know in time to make any necessary arrangements.  Students should be provided with a house key, or a safe place to go, in case they return early and find that there is no one at home. 


Weather or travel conditions at home addresses may be very different to those in Colchester; therefore, even if the school is open, parents and staff must consider their outgoing and return journey and travel only if it is safe to do so.  Please report any absence from school in the usual way.

Unless told to the contrary, please assume that the school will re-open on the following day. The system will operate on a second and subsequent day if necessary.


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Thursday, 12 January 2017 12:30

KS4 Curriculum Guide 2018-20

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