Royal Society Grant for CCHSG Biology Department

CCHSG Biology Department are delighted to have been awarded one of only 20 Royal Society (The UK national academy of science) school partnership grants to work with scientists from the prestigious Babraham Research Institute based in Cambridge.  Babraham are world leaders in biological research into the molecular processes that cause aging and disease


 The grant is to fund research into the epigenetics (inheritance of characteristics but not due to changes in the DNA) of C. elegans, a little nematode worm (1mm long).    Students will be addressing a real research question that has not been investigated before and could lead to scientific publication.   

 The project will run for the academic year, involving all year groups and led by Year 12 and 13 biologists.   We will be supported in the research by scientists at Babraham who will visit the school and students will attend scientific meetings at the Royal Society and at the Cambridge Science Festival to present their results.  There will also be trips to the Babraham labs to undertake more DNA based research throughout the year. 

Last modified on Wednesday, 04 October 2017 10:02