Year 10

History | OCR | J417

Text Book: Modern World History (2nd Ed.) by Ben Walsh
Website: OCR, History B (Modern World History).

Psychology | Edexcel | 2PS01

Text Book: EdexcelGCSEPsychology published by Pearson

Mathematics | Edexcel | 1MA0

Text Book: All students are provided with "Edexcel GCSE Mathematics A Linear Higher Practice Book" which contains summary notes and exercises which relate to the content of the large textbook that we keep in school to use during lesson time. During the Autumn term, students will be offered the opportunity to buy through school, at a much reduced price (currently £1.99 each) a Mathematics Revision Guide and a Mathematics Workbook, both written by Edexcel examiners. Also, a "Mathswatch CD" (containing revision lessons and practice worksheets covering the entire maths GCSE course at all grades.
Website: Edexcel GCSE in Mathematics A - Linear (1MA0). All students have access to the MyMaths website (via a school login and password) which the department subscribes to every year, which provides them with step-by-step tuition of the entire content of the GCSE specifications for both Maths and Statistics. It also provides homework tasks that students complete on-line at home and which teachers can access to assess.

Statistics |AQA | 2ST01

Text Book: All students are provided with a GCSE Statistics text book entitled "Key Maths Statistics AQA version" which they keep at home. In school the Edexcel GCSE Statistics textbook is used during lessons. The books that the students have at home cover the same content as the Edexcel GCSE textbook used in school with a very few exceptions. Where this occurs, alternative resources are provided for the student to work from. Students are offered the opportunity to buy Statistics Revision Guides and Workbooks through the school.

Physical Education | AQA | 4892

Text Book: NelsonThornesAQA Physical Education

Dance | AQA | 4232

Text Book: NelsonThornesAQA Dance

Biology | Cambridge International | Examinations | 0610

Text Book: Biology for You by Gareth Williams or Longmans GCSE Biology Bradfield and Potter.
Website: By going to the students section students can see past papers/resources/hints

Chemistry | Edexcel | 2107

Text Book: Chemistry for You byLawrie Ryan

Physics | Edexcel | 2PH01

Text Book: The students will have access to an on line learning package called "Active learn" when it is published (this was to be for September 2011but has now been delayed). This includes additionalresources including an electronic version of the course text book, which can be accessed from home. The Physics department has copies of the text book which was for the old course, 75% of the new course is contained in these books. These can be issued to students if they see Mr Metcalfe (Head of Physics).

Geography | AQA | 4032

Text Book: AQA GCSE Geography
Website: Syllabus A

Spanish | AQA |4698

Text Book: iMira by A. McLachlan and L. Reeves AQA GCSE Higher.
Website: BBC Bitesize and BBC La Vida Loca are useful resources. A full vocabulary list and grammar workbook is on the w drive

Music | AQA | 4272

Text Book: Supporting resources issued as the course proceeds. Musical extracts that are studied are chosen by us or may feature in some printed listening tests that we have collected over the years and gathered by department staff.

English Language | AQA | 4705

Text Book: Text BooEnglish GCSE forAQA 2010 - English Student Book Targeting Grades A/A* Authors - Keith Brindle and Mike Gould - Published by Collins

English Literature | AQA | 4710

Text Book: Not applicable

Drama | AQA | 4240

Text Book: Not applicable

German | AQA | 4655

Text Book: Echo for AQA

French | AQA | 4665

Text Book: Expo for AQA
Website: |

Latin | OCR | J281

Text Book: Cambridge Latin Course Book III
Website: ttp://

Religious Studies | OCR | J621

Text Book: GCSE Religious Studies, J. Mayled and J. Oliphant

Art & Design | Edexcel | 2AD01

Text Book: Not applicable

AS Engineering | Edexcel | 8371

Text Book: Engineering A Level by MikeTooley published byNewnes, Edexcel and Real World Technology 'Resistant Materials' published by Collins