Pupil Premium

CCHSG Pupil Premium

During the academic year 2015-16, the school will receive £935 Pupil Premium for each student eligible for free school meals (FSM) including those students who have been entitled to FSM in the preceeding 6 years (EVER6FSM).  The school anticipates receiving £16,830 Pupil Premium in 2015-2016.

The Service Premium has also been introduced for those pupils whose parent(s) are in the armed services and is £300 per pupil. For 2015-2016 the Service Premium received by the school will be £600.

The school will use this money to support systems and processes which ensure continued progress and academic achievement for those in vulnerable groups. The school will also continue with programmes, projects and initiatives which support the engagement and involvement of disadvantaged students. The school reserves the right to allocate Pupil Premium resources to other disadvantaged students who may not necessarily qualify for Pupil Premium.

Our aims in using this additional funding are to:

 • Help close any achievement gaps by providing additional support across the curriculum for example one to one tuition in English and Maths. In addition we will continue to support quality first teaching across the curriculum through relevant and effective staff training and development.

 • Provide additional academic support to help students achieve their potential at GCSE and beyond  for example through providing revision materials and academic mentoring.

 • Provide additional support for students facing emotional barriers to learning (social, moral, economic or cultural) for example through providing counselling.

 • Ensure students from disadvantaged backgrounds are able to access extra-curricular opportunities for example through subsidising music lessons and educational trips and visits from which the student would benefit.

In addition at CCHS all students who are eligible for FSM also receive a free breakfast every day, the dining hall breakfast service operates from 08.00 to 08.40.

Parents of those pupils in Year 7-11 who are eligible for Pupil Premium have been informed that the school is in receipt of the additional funding and they can request the manner in which it is spent. Whilst the school is encouraging ideas on how parents would like to spend the grant the final decision on how the grant is spent rests ultimately with the school.

The school received £12,000 for the academic year 2014-2015. These funds were spent on teaching and educational support for FSM & EVER6FSM students, as well as revision programmes, trips & visits, extra-curricular activities and special projects.

 The school has in place rigorous monitoring and support systems. The outcomes for these students in 2014-2015, as demonstrated in attainment data, show that the students in receipt of Pupil Premium achieved higher than the national average and in line with school attainment.