Music- Staff


Miss R Morrison (Head of Department) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Miss S Bugden (Teacher of Music)
Mr D Mitchell (CTTC Teacher Trainee)

Instrumental Teachers

Miss J. Brook – oboe, flute
Mrs. G. Gerrard – oboe, clarinet
Mr. C. Gould - violin
Mrs. R. Gould – violin, viola
Ms. Anne Ruddock - Brass
Mrs. V. Guyer - singing
Miss N. Jenkin - singing
Mrs. P. McLeod – singing, piano
Mr. M. Plackett - guitar
Mrs. G. Shave – piano, singin
Mrs. E. Stokes - singing
Mrs. G. Watson – cello
Mrs. K. Watson – percussion, clarinet
Mrs. J. Watt – flute, piano

Miss Bugden - piano